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Fighting in Structures – Part 3: How CQB fits into the SI Curriculum

June 6, 2011

Chris Upchurch – Suarez International Staff Instructor

Suarez International’s CQB: Fighting in Structures class is a bit different from most classes we teach. It involves no live fire and, at most venues, no force on force either. While there are some physical aspects to it, this is much more of a mental skill. As Gabe puts it, CQB is more like chess than MMA.

Because CQB is a non-shooting class, we don’t have any prerequisites for it. There’s no safety reason to require any previous experience or advanced gunhandling skills. That said, to get the most out of it, you need to develop certain shooting skills to go with your CQB skillset.

The shooting skills that go into CQB draw on a variety of SI classes. Perhaps foremost are our point shooting classes. During CQB you’ll make heavy use of the retention continuum and non-standard shooting positions. Full extension with a hard focus on the sights is going to be the exception rather than the rule. Point Shooting Gunfight Skills, Point Shooting Progressions, and Advanced Point Shooting Progressions teach the fundamentals of point shooting and shooting below the line of sight, and progressively bring these skills to a very high level.

As mentioned in the previous article in this series, SI’s CQB tactics incorporate the same sort of shooting during dynamic movement that we teach in many of our classes. The bedrock class for this is Close Range Gunfighting, but we develop these skills further in Extreme Close Range Gunfighting, Point Shooting Progressions and Advanced Point Shooting Progressions. If you’re using a long gun for home defense, our Rifle Gunfighting class (and it’s AK and AR specific bretheren) Shotgun Gunfighting, and Long Gun Point Shooting Progressions can give you the skills for point shooting and shooting during dynamic movement using these platforms.

Finally, there is no substitute for actual, hands on experience. Short of getting into a gunfight, a force on force class is the best way to gain this experience. Our force on force classes give you a chance to practice point shooting during dynamic movement against real live adversaries, and do a great job preparing you for a CQB confrontation. In tight quarters, CQB can quickly turn into a hands-on confrontation, so the skills taught in our 0-5 feet class are useful as well.

Now, you certainly don’t have to take all of these classes before coming to CQB. Indeed, you don’t have to take any of them beforehand. If you have taken some of these classes, when you take CQB you’ll see how useful those skills are. If you take CQB first, then some of these other classes, you’ll see how these skills allow you to put what you learned in CQB into practice. The more you build up these skills, the more effective you’ll become.

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