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There’s More to Self Defense Than Marksmanship

September 3, 2010

Students on the firing line There’s a lot more to prevailing in a self-defense situation than just shooting skills. At Integrated Personal Defense, we don’t just teach you how to shoot; we teach you how to fight.

Shooting is a big part of this, but so are a wide range of other skills. Skills that will help you avoid a fight and place yourself in an advantageous position before the fight starts. Learn how to fend off an attack with empty hands until you can get to your gun, keep from getting shot while you stop your attacker, and be prepared to deal with additional threats after you think the fight is over. Not to mention the knowledge you need to remain free and fiscally solvent after you defend yourself. We teach you all of these skills, integrated seamlessly so you will be able to apply them in the real world, not just on the range.

Together with Training for Life LLC, Integrated Personal Defense provides Suarez International training classes in South Carolina. We offer a full range of handgun and rifle classes. We have courses for everyone from the novice shooter looking for their first self-defense class to the experienced operator looking for advanced skills. Come train with us.

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